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Meilensteine von Markus Rogans Sportgeschichte


in Stettin

2011 - European Championship in Stettin

Indiviual Medley 200m:
2nd place and silver medal for Markus

Indiviual Medley 400m:
4 th place for Markus Rogan and personal record


World Cup
in Asia

2011 - World Cup in Asia

3rd place for Markus Rogan in 400m individual medley and personal record

2nd places for Markus Rogan in 200m and 400m individual medley

3rd places for Markus Rogan in 200m backstroke, 200m and 400m individual medley


in Shanghai

2011 - World Championship in Shanghai

Individual Medley 200m:
5th place for Markus Rogan in 1.58,14


in Dubai

2010 - World Championship in Dubai

Individual Medley 200m:
Silver Medal for Markus Rogan in 1.52,90

Backstroke 200m:
Bronze Medal for Markus Rogan in 1.49,96


in Budapest

2010 - European Championship in Budapest

Individual Medley 200m:
Silver Medal for Markus Rogan
Austrian record in 1.58,03

Backstroke 200m:
Silver Medal for Markus Rogan in 1.57,31


in Istanbul

2009 - European Championship in Istanbul

Individual Medley 200m:
European Champion Markus Rogan
European record in 1.51,72


World Cup
in Singapore

2009 - World Cup in Singapore

Backstroke 100m:
Austrian record in 50,20


World Cup
in Berlin

2009 - World Cup in Berlin

Backstroke 200m:
3. Rogan 1:48,14


World Cup
in Stockholm

2009 - World Cup in Stockholm

Backstroke 200m:
European record in 1.47,64

Individual Medley 100m:
Austrian record in 52,77

Backstroke 100m:
Austrian record in 50,32


World Cup
in Durban

2009 - World Cup in Durban (SA)

Backstroke 100m:
1. Marshall (US) 49,40
2. Rogan (AUT) 50,52 (Austrian record

Markus also improved 3 more records:
Individual Medley 100m in 53,57
Individual Medley 200m in 1.53,69
Freestyle 100m in 48,89



2009 - Rome and Austrian Championship

Markus couldn't meet his expected performance at the World Championships in Rome.

Markus reached the limit for Rome with new Austrian Record: 00:25,72


World Championship
Olympic Games

2008 - World Championship and Olympic Games

At the long track European championship in Eindhoven Markus wins gold over 100 m backstroke, also gets the gold medal over 200 m backstroke and, surprisingly, bronze over 4 x 200 m freestyle - together with Dominik Koll, David Brandl und Dinko Jukic.

At the short track world championship in Manchester Markus wins gold in new world record and sets a new highlight in the history of Austrian swimming federation.

At the Olympic Games in Beijing Markus reaches his personal best over 200m, which leads to the fourth place.


New fighting

2007 New fighting spirit

At the Universiade in Bangkok Markus wins gold over 200 m backstroke and silver over 100 m backstroke.

At the Paris Open he improves his own record over 200 m backstroke by 28/100.

Markus enjoyed his time in the Viennese training team and made good progress there. But his American friends developed faster. Therefore, Markus now works in Rome and trains with the Italian world champions. The results can be seen at the long-track world championship in Melbourne: 4 x breaking the own record, bronze over 200 m backstroke; the race is on - the goal is to catch up.


continually in
the world's top

The year 2006 - continually in the world's top.

On the short-track world championship in April in Shanghai Markus wins two silver medals over 100m and 200m backstroke. His “new” rival Ryan Lochte from the US improves the world record over 200 m backstroke. On the long-track European championship in August in Budapest Markus wins silver over 100m backstroke.

At the Ströck Austrian Qualifying in November Markus swims the Austrian record over 50m backstroke and wins over 100m and 200m backstroke, each with a new meeting record.

At the Austrian team championship in December Markus and his team get the title for the first time.

At the moment Markus is holding five Austrian records: backstroke over 50m, 100m, 200m, and 100m and 200m individual medley.


a good

2005 gets off to a good start.

First of all, Markus wins the world cup in Stockholm, and then competes in the 100m backstroke in Berlin against his great rival, Thomas Rupprath. The revenge partially succeeds: Both athletes finish at the same time and share the victory. One day later, like a bolt of lightning, Markus improves his European record over the 200m backstroke and lies just short of the world best ranking of Aaron Peirsol.

World championship in Montreal
Following an "average" 7th place in the 100m backstroke, Markus raises his performance and swims a new Austrian record in the 200m backstroke. He collects silver, whilst Aaron Peirsol stills remains unreachable for the time being with a new world record.

Universiade in Izmir
Markus accompanies his friend, Paul Eder, for a little bit of "holiday" and fun ... He casually swims an Austrian record in the crawl (!) and even collects bronze.

At the short track EM Markus gets the gold medal and beats the world record of Aaron Peirsol. For the first time since 90 years austria has a world record holder in swimming.


an exciting

2004 was an exciting year for Markus:

In May, Markus receives 2 x gold at the long track European championship in Madrid. He wins in the 200m individual medley and 200m backstroke.

In June, at the age of 22, he completed his studies of international relations at Stanford; the professors praised his outstanding performances.

Markus didn't protest in Athens as his friend, Aaron Peirsol, was awarded gold despite his earlier disqualification. According to a referee, Peirsol violated the regulations. The Olympic committee overruled the objection because the referee failed to make it in English. However, Markus was of the opinion that Aaron was so clearly ahead in the race that a disqualification on account of an incorrect leg movement would not have been fair.

In September, Markus Rogan receives the "Special Fair Play Award" for his outstanding, exemplary behaviour after the final of the 200m backstroke.

In October, Markus first swims a new Austrian record in the 100m in Linz. A couple of days later, he is elected as "Austria's Sportsman of the Year" by 223 sport's journalists.

At the short track European championship in Vienna, Markus wins (for the first time in Austria's swimming history) 2 x gold in 200m backstroke and individual medley, as well as 2 x silver in 100m backstroke and individual medley. He improves upon an European record and two Austrian records.

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