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A Cross-Examination of Markus

The ingenious questionnaire from the Parisian salons of the 19th century was rediscovered by the Frankfurter Allgemeinen newspaper, and was answered by Markus Rogan with unusual replies.» to the questionnaire


4th May 1982
in Vienna

Birthday - 4th May 1982 in Vienna

Out of the Paddling Pool
Even as a young boy, Markus was a big "water rat" - he has been swimming competitively since his 2nd year at elementary school.

Markus Rogan


from Life

Markus Rogan

Lessons from Life

At the age of 14, he moved to Washington DC with his family. In the USA, Markus learned that swimming can be about an attitude towards life. To think in a sporting way means to give everything, but always to be fair and never "unsportsmanlike", to keep cool.


in Stanford

Perfection in Stanford

Training together with the world's best gave Markus the push from being a great talent to being a reliable world class swimmer. From September 2000, he studied at Stanford University, California. In June 2004, he returned to Vienna with a BA degree in International Relations and Economics.

Markus Rogan


The Sporting

Markus Rogan

The Sporting Fame

With 20 medals Markus is already Austria’s most successful swimmer, repeatedly European champion, world record 2005, silver at the Olympic Games and World championships. Markus is getting faster every year, undercutting his own records again and again. However, his rivals are getting faster too. Thus everything is possible at the Olympic Games in Beijing.


Markus Rogan


Height 195 cm
Weight 90 kg
Shoe size 46
Arms outstretched 201 cm
Shoulder width 52 cm
Shaven for major competitions

For Markus Rogan, physical and emotional flexibility is decisive. "Reach around the corner, think around the corner." Especially flexible ankles and an almost fantastic gift for self-motivation.


Team spirit means everything to him, he thinks about all swimmers, about the future of the sport. Privately, he's interested in fashion, dancing, PopArt - and often spends hours discussing social issues

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